Prayer for Help

by Anita (Trinidad)

Gracious Lord, how grateful I am to see this wonderful new day. Lord you have bestowed upon me the mercy of life, family, health, strength and friends.But on this glorious day oh Father, I am eternally grateful for your never ending love,your mercy and your grace.

Father, today your child in the midst of being grateful your daughter is at pain. Your daughter, merciful god is despair. Your daughter on this day is feeling lost in this cold world. But lord, on this day she is reminded that she can always turn to you her heavenly father for the peace that passeth all understanding, for loving arms who would embrace her and for a forgiveness which only you can give.

You are a god who answers all prayers, you never give your children more than they can handle.

Lord, have mercy upon me, forgive me for all the wrongs which I have committed knowingly and unknowingly. Lord I seek your forgiveness. Please gracious god, cover me with your blood, wash me dear father, make this unworthy child, worthy of being in your presence. Father i pray this morning that as i seek forgiveness from you, that those Ive wronged would also forgive me. Lord send your spirit of conviction in their hearts to forgive. Humbly I beseech this mercy.

Gracious god, my unease is sometimes overwhelming, There are times gracious father when I feel as if I would never come out of the bottomless pit into which I am falling. Lord by your grace i seek your help. I seek your spirit to fill my life. Constantly remind me that you are in charge and you dear father would turn this situation around.

Lord this morning I believe in you. I believe in you dear god that your spirit of conviction and mercy and love is going to change my situation that lord the doors of your love is going to open and success is calling at my door. Lord i believe that today a super natural miracle is going to happen.’

Lord i believe because as at this moment I let go and i truly place all my cares and concern to you. Father you will never let your children suffer. And this reminds me that thought the situation is bleak i serve a mighty god. A god who speak words and miracles happen and today father i know my miracle is coming. You dear lord is sending my miracle today.

Thank you father. Thank your lord. Answer your child this morning.
In your most holy and precious name i offer this prayer with thanksgiving and love.

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