Prayer for Help


I am in need of a miracle. My business is in dire straights. My only hope is for a shrewd client to have a change of heart and pay us what he owes and help us with the losses we garnered from working for him. He knows about the losses we are experiencing resulting from his shrewdness but has not committed to paying or helping us. I pray for him to have a change of heart. I pray for God to to talk to him and tell him to help us. I am in danger of losing my business and this is the only source of income I have for my family. I have exhausted all our funds and savings just to keep our business afloat. I am desperate, depressed and too overwhelmed by what is happening. I need guidance and another chance. My problem is small compared to others but it is big enough that it has brought me ro tears and to my knees. Please help us Lord and have mercy on all of us.

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