Prayer for Help

by Rose (England)

Dear God receive me in your heart.Thankyou for your mercy in my life; i pray for your guidence in every thing i do and hope for in your name that it may be for your glory.Jesus watch over my family and my village and those in hospitals,old people,victim of war all over the wolrd and lost souls in drugs and other substances.Jesus guide me when am feeling lost or invisiable in this big world.Jesus i pray asking you to allow the angels and saint in heaven to pray for me through this hard time in life to guide me to do arccording to you word and your will.God i confess all my sins that holding my mind and heart wipe them all with your blood.God you alone know the plan you have for me to bring me prosperity and not disasters and the future that i hope .Pray today in Jesus name MY LORD amen and amen.