Prayer for Help with unemployment resolution

by Kathleen (Lakewood, CA, USA)

Dear Lord,

Please help me in getting my unemployment issue resolved. I am so apprehensive about going to the unemployment office as the wheels to resolution move very slowly. I am frustrated and really don’t even want to face the situation. I am all messed up in the system and am currently not receiving any money through this source, but want to thank you for providing another source of income while this problem is going on. I have been out of work since late Aug 2015 and you have provided for me. For that I give great thanks and praise to you.

I have difficulty getting out of the house to take care of business. It seems overwhelming at times to even get ready to leave. Please help me to get my act together to begin to resolve the unemployment issue. Please give me the push needed to just begin. Help me to not blow things out of proportion in my mind and rely on your strength. In the last 2 weeks I have had a renewal in my faith through your guidance. I ask that you help me and remain close with me. You have relieved much anxiety in me and I ask that you continue to do so. Praise be your name and thank you for loving me so well.