Prayer for help with this relationship

by Helen (NJ)

Dear St Jude hear my prayer

I am so alone and have so much uncertainty with Jorge Planes of NJ. I can’t tell if he likes me anymore dislikes me wants a relationship with me or justs wants to get away from me.

I am awaiting his good morning call filled with anxiety that like yesterday he will not call I will have to call him.

I am asking for a blessing and a miracle today that Jorge Planes call me this morning with happiness and joy in his voice to say Good Morning.

Forgive me of my sins I have said many things to him that were mean I felt he was taking advantage of me lying to me using me for my connections to help him with his court date tomorrow.

I can’t figure out if this man likes me anymore is using me and why he keeps in touch daily with me For what reason?

Release me from him and heal my heart let me move on to someone that will take good care of me and respect me not hurt me ignore me and forget me like Jorge Planes does lately

It is rude and hurts me feelings. I asked for a blessing and miracle that we may have a relationship now that you open all doors and remove all obstacles so he can come back to me

I am hurting feel sick I only want him to want me once again. Let us begin this journey in life with him coming to me now and a relationship of love develop so we may fall in love and get married by the end of this year.

I am so confused I am looking for a clear sign this mans wants me.

Send me a sign today please.

I like him very much and at this time I am waiting for him to stop what he is doing and call to say good morning like he normally does

Help me please and let him make this call now.