Prayer for help with the woman I love

by Richard Jay (NY,NY)

St. Jude, please intecede for me.Let the good lord know that I am honest that I have changed and need a special favor. I know in the past I did not fully appreciate her, but over the years I felt the full force of the love she had shown me and relaized that the lord brought her to me because she is the woman I am meant to be with.

I know it sounds silly, but I just want her to come back into my life and see that I am a fully changed man and that I do love her so much, it took me a long time to tell her, but she has to know that she was alweays something special to me. What causes me great anguish is that she will fall in love with the person that she is with now. I beg for your intercession that she somehow remembers me and the love that she once had for me. I just want more opportunity to make up for the things I put her through.

I want her to be happy now and forever, I have a lot to make up for, but I know if she would just give me one more shot things would be different, I would never make her suffer again. I know that I don’t deserve another chance,after her pleading with me time after time and year after year to be her boyfriend. She is the most special woman I have ever met in my life and is the missing half that we all seek.

Please lord, st. Jude help me get her back, show her that I truly love her and that I am sorry for all I have done and for her not to harden her heart towards me.

thank you for hearing my prayer