Prayer for help with selling our home

by Kristen (NY)

Dear St. Joseph it’s been a long and hard road while we’ve been trying to sell our house. I’m sure that you’ve seen all the road blocks and set backs that have occurred. My family and I call on you to help us now if you could. Please send the right buyer to us so that we can move on to the house that we’re meant to be in, where our family can grow and be more comfortable in.

Dear St. Joseph we need this to happen before the snow comes or we’ll be forced to wait until spring to try to sell our house again. I really want to be able to bring our new baby who is due in April to a home that will be so much more accomodating to him or her. I don’t want us to be so far away from everything like we are right now.

Please be with us St. Joseph and I pray that you’ll hear my sincere plea and grant us our request.


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