Prayer for help with new job


Please pray for me. God has blessed me with a job shortly after being laid off, but I am afraid. I worked at my former job for 22 years and now suddenly everything is new and unfamiliar. I don’t know anyone and I can’t quite figure out if my boss likes me or not.

I’ve been there less than a week, but it’s a very different environment than what I’m used to. Please pray that God will help me overcome this fear I have of the unknown and help me to do a good job. I’m very depressed about this situation.

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  1. Anonymous says:
    May you have Peace

    I was at mine for 9 years. My new job pays 3.00 less an hour and the work environment is stressful in a totally different way.
    I am praying and have begun looking elsewhere …its been three weeks. I needed to get back to work immediately, so I jumped into this and could not be picky.
    I feel exhausted…but, I can’t stay here.
    I pray that your job either starts feeling more comfortable, or you and I both find new opportunity.
    What is sad is that, probably like you, I had company loyalty.,That is gone for me now.
    22 years is a very long stay. My friend lost hers after 14. Those days when companies cared are over. It is sad, but God will guide and care for us.

  2. Anonymous says:
    Your not alone

    Im on the same boat. God will guide us to feel secure again in our new jobs.

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