Prayer for Help with My Marriage

by Kelly (Everett, WA)

Please I pray for help. I pray for my husband to not leave. I pray that he can change into a better man, husband, and father to himself, myself, and our kids. I pray that he and I can have new hearts for each other. I pray that he realises that our lives together are worth saving and our live will grow stronger for each other. I pray he and I will have faith, hope, support, trust, happiness, compassion, passion, and most of all love in our marriage. I pray we can be married to each other another 40 plus years.

I pray that when I look at him he knows I love him with more then anything I have and I can see that love from him as well. I pray we can both trust and forgive one another with all our faults our weaknesses, problems and sins. I pray that he can put me and our children first again.

I pray that his sins will be gone and he will stop doing all the wrong things. I pray he stops communication with people or a person that is coming in between us. I pray for our strong love we once had to grow even stronger for each other and not die. I pray so hard for this miracle to happen. I don’t want us to give up.

Please help me, help us and help my husband.
Thanks you Lord, thank you Saint Jude, thank you God.

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