Prayer for help with my marriage

by Leighp (Athens)

Father in Heaven, I ask You Father, to please heal, reconcile and restore my 23 year marriage. My husband has recently filed for a divorce, he says he loves me but is unhappy. He refuses to go to marraige counseling. We have two wonderful children that are devestated.

I ask You Father, to please put some love back in his heart for me and You, and show him the way back to You. Divorce is not our answer, and without You Dear Lord, he will not realize that.

Please, Father, I will forgive him all his trespasses, as I know You will, and I ask You to stop the devil from separating my family that You created, In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen.

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  1. Lord will definitely hear your cry my friend

    Dont get depressed my friend.Be bold and offer complete faith in god. He will help and save you. Definitely He will give you a life as you wish. I can understand your situation, your mind and your kids. definitely God will change their father’s mind and make him a genuine husband and a good Father. Don’t worry .Trust in god. I too pray for your family. why im telling all this is i too is facing such a situation eventhough our cases are different.But we are birds of same feathers. if it is your husband, in my case it is my love who rejected me and going to marry another girl next month. yes im a burning heart so i can read your mind. so lets pray to god to help us and to hear our cry and prayer.

    Praise the Lord

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