Prayer for Help with Housing for My Family

Please pray to the lord that my son and his wife receive help with the voucher program to pay their monthly rent. They filed with the local housing authority for a voucher and the housing mailed them a notice to respond. The notice got caught up in their postal box where it could not be seen. When she finally felt the notice in her box, a week and half had gone by.

I pray with all my heart that the housing personal will reconsider the situation and help them. Because they never responded their application may go back to the bottom of the list. It is a freak situation, because of how the notice was stuck on the top portion of the mail box. You would have to bend over to look in the box to notice it.

She is in college and he works at a convenience store. They are struggling financially. I help with what I can, but I have bills to pay also. They have two small children. I pray so hard for help for them because it will be determined on 11-14-12.