Prayer for help with financial problems

by Jo (GA)

Please pray for me to get financial freedom soon.I lost my job and could not pay the credit cards and mortage and God saved me when he gave me a job and now I am trying hard to single handedly provide.

I am so worried and stressed out. Please pray for me to gradually solve this with God on my side.My children seem to be drifting from God and are going in the wrong direction.

My husband has no respect for me and takes everything for granted.

Please pray for me.
Thank You

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  1. tired of struggling

    My daughter and myself try so hard to make ends meet not making enough to accomplish what we need to. Do not want to be homeless again and need to make ends meet and lighten my struggle so I can wake up and be relieved and follow God like I always try to do. Too many years of stress and strife over money. Pray for all of us please.

  2. Prayer for assistance for me and others

    Dear Lord,

    I ask that you help bring me light to shine on my financial burdens and mercy to help me shed them. I ask you to help me gain prosperity in an effort to take away my financial strife. I do not wish to be rich or have gluttonies. I merely wish to stop suffering financially and have enough to pay the debts that weigh on me and live without suffering. Please bestow your mercy on me, my family, friends, on the people on this page, and on the people who need your grace.


  3. Cry for Financial Help

    Dear Lord,

    I beg you lord help me with my mortgage payment for tomorrow. I have no money in my account and you know I have been ill and off work for 4 months. How do I face this Lord? Give me courage, strength, lend me your helping hand. Give me a sign, help me help myself. Oh Father, I surrender to you. Please forgive me for my sins, intentional and unintentional. Bless me Dead Lord with abundance and favour me kindly. I believe in you and your mercies. Thank you for all that you have given me always. Amen

    Your Humble Servant.

  4. Financial Needs

    Lord, please help us in our financial problems. Please give us solutions to pay our obligations and to be debt free. My husband made a decision before to rent a whole flat so that we will be able to pay less rent if the flat is full. Unfortunately, it did not turn out that way. Instead of paying less rent, we pay more which led us to take credit cards. Please help us Lord to find ways to pay off these debts. We are having sleepless nights and no peace of mind. We need your immediate blessing so that we can support our children in their studies. I know that nothing is impossible with You, Lord and You will give us solution in Your time. Amen.

  5. help me with my financial problems

    God please help me solve my financial problems. Im so worried for my childrens.. God let my faith be stronger inspite of the trials we are facing rtght now…

  6. pray for my brother fanacially problem and pray for me well home

    I am troble because my mother in law tease us and we have no home where we live happily with my family and I am disturb mently and no peace in peace husband wife.please pray for us.God help us

  7. fanacially problem

    Pray for me because we have fanacially problem there for I am worried my husband office accounted
    not give money at time and we need money

  8. beg for help

    I am one of those persons whose willimg to help especialy to my family,relatives & frieds not knowing that by helping them & other peaople cause me indebtedness. Little by little I could’nt afford to pay my debt. Please help me pray to get out from this situation. With faith & trust in the Lord amen…

  9. beg for help

    I am one of those persons whose willimg to help especialy to my family,relatives & frieds not knowing that by helping them & other peaople cause me indebtedness. Little by little I could’nt afford to pay my debt. Please help me pray to get out from this situation. With faith & trust in the Lord amen…

  10. My name is robin jacob .from kerala i am a pastor .very financial problems please help me .very urgent.please pray for me.that is my big problem help me.i have no money.i am family.two childrens.

    My name is robin apastor from kerala in india many poor people comes our chuch but i am help many people because now i have no money.very financial problom.i am family two children.please prayer for ministry help me .very urgent.ok thank you god bless your help.

  11. prayer for my financial to be better

    Hello I need a prayer for my financial situation to change and not worry about having enough money to pay my bills on time. I need a financially blessing for breakthrough and change.


    Dear God please help me. I’m in a terrible financial crisis. Jesus Christ I pray to you and Almighty Father in Heaven that you take me out of this and start afresh. I would like to have a house and a car. I’m gratefl that I don’t have to rely on the world’s unreliable methods but that I can have clear directions from your Word and Wisdom. I know all things are possible. You transform an impossiblity to a possibility, a possibility to probability, a probability into a fact. In the name of Jesus Christ , Amen

  13. prayer for financial help

    pray for me that i may able to pay all my debt important in distress i don’t know what to do am begging the Almighty Father to help me


    Dear God, please help me to pay all my credits i want to settle them all so that we can start our new life… i really dont know waht to do noW, i cant sleep thinking about those debts please give me a miracle to have enough money to pay all my credit.. in JESUS NAME I TRUST IN YOU,,

  15. financial problem

    Please help me in my financial problem. I want to paid all my credit. Please help me to paid it. Please help me what to do.
    Please give us a way on how to paid all our credit.

  16. Prayer for financial help

    Dear God

    I have financial problems and i pray that you help me to pull out of this crisis. i need to pay loans and accounts. i pray for my husband who is not at all supportive to me financially. i have faith that you will help me in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ Amen.

  17. lonely

    I’m worried my kids. cox i dont had job. now my little daughter she got no house to live.cox, the owner the house sale other people. i cant asleeping well.worried my daughter. she 22-yrs. i dont hope found the house with here.she sleeping in other friend help to prayer one day found house. still to support my family in my country.i- have problem my health.I got high blood pressure. sometimes my sugar high. pls. one day i will okay my family future. I’m trying to buy lotto to get winner large money for my daughter to getting house all together kids. pls. prayer my virgin mircules mother my little daughter. fincial problem money.future. job. thanks for prayer…

  18. My renewal contract for my employer and my credit to the lending company and to my some friends.

    Dera Lord
    Please help me to renewal my contract of my employer I want to continue my contract for 3 years,becouse I want to pay my loan in lending company and also to some friends..I don’t have choosing the way to pay that it’s only my way to continue my contract ..please help me Lord there’s no impossible to you my Lord are my savior and Lord and I trust in you with all my heart..Amen

  19. financial problem

    Dear God,

    Help me to my financial problem…..I have many credit to pay….please help me to have sideline so that I pay it all…..please help my husband to have job so that he will help me to pay all our obligation…..Please God help all people to have problem in financial…….Please help us to survive in all problem in this world…I wish to pay all my credit…..In your Name…..AMEN

  20. financial problem

    Dear God,

    help us to our financial problem…..and to survive to our problem encounter today…give us strength and power to fight this problem…in your God name AMEN…..

  21. financial problem

    Dear GOD,

    Help us to our financial problem encounter today. Bless us o Lord to have some sideline and work to have money.

    GOD you are my savior in all my problem. Please help us to survive. I know your the only one who solve our problem.

    Guide us what to do and give us strength to fight our problem.

    I give my life to you GOD.

    Help us o LORD.



  22. financial problem

    Dear God,

    help us to our financial problem…..and to survive to our problem encounter today…give us strength and power to fight this problem…in your God name AMEN…..

  23. i need a blessing

    I believe that I an a very Blessed Child. Sometimes God put people in situations to learn from them. Right now at this point of time in my life i don’t know which way to turn, let me rephase that the only way I can turn is to God. I believe that he will put no more on me than i can bear, I can turly say that I think I am to that point in my life that I can’t bear any more. I jumped and moved to Gearoga with a friend. I feel as if she has let me down because now that things are not going right she act like she can’t handle it. About a month ago my car broke down on me(blew a heasd gasket). I am in the proces of being evicted. My lights are currenly off. And my gas will be off any day now. Oh did i mention that i have 2 kid age 1 and 5. I am in school to be a Mediacl Assistant. I will be finished in January. I don’t know what else to do. I am stuck in life right now and need someone to Pray for me. I REALLY DON’T NO WHAT TO DO. 772-828-5683

  24. prayers for help

    Dear Sir/madam

    please pray for me regarding my financial problem i lost my house trying to assist a friend hoping to get it back as at that time i had a slow down in business please pray for all my friend and families see me as a useless person now i can not even have the strength to cry for help please pray that god comes to my help soon and help me get all i have lost in the last 8 months soon.

    am depending on god and your prayers

  25. Please financial help me

    With due respect I am Md Ayub Hossain from Dhaka Bangladesh . My fater is illness he is bed he cannot move any where . I have a child he is in class four . I am a Lame man working in a NGO as an Accountant from 7 am to 8 pm so I have no option to work in another place . I am not lazy I am hard working in the NGO So I want help from People for my money Crisis . People who decide to give me donation or loan for me. I propose that without investigation no one money give me. I am not cheat but honest. If people give me donation or loan then I can recovery my crisis . I want a direction for donation or loan giving people . who give me loan I must refund the money with interest yearly. But duration no less then 5 years . My granter is me. Because I am honest and Sincerely.

    Please investigation me and grant me a loan or donation. My money crisis recovery amount need is around $30000 . And loan amount need . And loan amount need 1 one million dolar . I Agree and commitment to the people Any condition I need the amount

  26. convice

    Dear God,

    Please help my husband to convince the loan department to give us time to pay our loan. Please help him to convice to give us another month to pay our loan…….Bless us Lord and give my husband a strength to explain what happened why we dont pay regularly in our loan……Help us o Lord to survive in our problem. AMEN

  27. financial

    Here I am again God……I need your blessing to solve my problem…..Help me Jesus Christ my Lord to solve my problem…..Give me strength to carry this……God I want to fall. What will I do……I want a simple living……to eat 3 times a day….to finish study of my kids……..Please help me for my financial problem…amen…..

  28. financial problem

    Dear God,

    It’s wednesday today….I’m scare due to my obligation….what will i do… head is achy to think what to….why this problem happen to me….I always pray to you God….I know you give this problem because you know I will survive……Please give me mind strength to think some solution…..and be strong to fight the problem…..sometimes I think why other people like corruption people bless but deep inside it’s illegal to do…..sometime I think the bless is not fair…..I’m sorry God for what I tell but this is my observation……some people follow your words but they supper some problem, but other people follow the wrong road they always bless……I know God you have plan for us who supper some problem…..God help me for all my problem and suppering……I LOVE YOU JESUS…..AMEN

  29. please pray for me

    im in a financial crisis at the moment, however im having enough talent to come out of it provided some help comes immediately. i have no family to support me, so requesting you all my brothers and sisters to help me by praying for me. in return i promise to help others when im out of trouble. looking forward for all your support.

  30. financial problem

    Dear God,

    Please help me for my financial problem….I need to pay all may payment and to start new life…..Please help me….I dont know what to do to pay all my expenses and loan…..

    Give me strength to fight all supper in my life…..because of you I have strength…..sometimes I fall down and think no solution to my problem…but because I trust and hold to you God…..I have faith to you God…to solve my problem…..Please Helm me God….amen….

  31. one with you in prayer

    we share the same predicaments…i also am under financial bondage to the point of losing everything i have…my children although they are spiritually strengthened but could not be prevented from being affected by the problem…this year they failed to attend school…and i fear the same problem will repeat itself this year…i have been struggling since 2006…up until now, i have no clear view as to how i could build myself to be a at least a good provider for my daughters…life is hard for me as an orphan and single parent and on top of it all unemployed…all i have is GOD to empower and enable me through the LORD JESUS…i am not losing faith holding on to HIS promise that HE will never forsake us…”finally my dear brethren be strong in the LORD and in the power of HIS might.” amen

  32. TH

    I wish i could have money to pay off for my bills and rent so i need something for now so hope someone could help me for that. I’m sooo struggling for it now.

  33. Prayer for financial breakthrough

    Great God,
    Please forgive me and my partner for our faults, begging you for a financial miracle, lots and lots financial issues, we will lose our house soon, no way for the payment of school fees of my child, we can’t move forward, we are unable to meet day to day needs, God please please please accept my prayers and help us
    I trust you

  34. Financial Problems

    God pls forgive me for all my sins and pls begging you for a financial miracle.pls help me lord day to day Iam in lots of problem.pls pls pls shower down your help of blessings on me n my family. Pls hear my prayer lord.i trust in you lord.

  35. Financial Help

    Oh God almighty please pray for my financial problems that we are facing now..God forgive us from all our sins… Please help us to recover from this troubles…

  36. I need Financial Help

    Dear Lord,
    I feel like I am always ignored with my prayers. I am so sorry. I’ve help others so much but when I need help I have no one to turn to. I am helpless. I am now suffering from a tormenting financial crisis, please help me. I need your boundless mercy so I will be able to cope up with all these trials in life especially with my finances. Lord, I know that you see my struggles and even my inequities, please dont take all these as the reson for me not to receive your grace and provision. I need much money to pay all my debts. I know I have to work harder in order to gain all these. Please bless every endeavor I am taking into especially coop way so that it will prosper and create income for me. All these I ask in the name of Jesus our Lord and savior. Amen

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