Prayer for help with debt

Dear Lord. I am employed but it seems like im not, because my money just goes back to my debts. My debts are so much that some of them are pilling up because i can only afford to pay for 3. I am a single parent of 2 boys still leaving at home.

I desperately want to move out, my mum likes to take advantage of my kindness, she overload my nannies with work that they end up leaving because the work is too much. I cant say anything because its her house. I sometimes feel sorry for her because shes going through a divorce and my step dad doesnt support his kids and the money she makes by sewing is not enough. Lord me and my brother we had a very terrible childhood, my mum abused us so much and my step dad kept quite.

When i started working it got worse cause she wanted my money and she and her husband put me in alot of debts, when i stopped giving her money the abuse got worse that she ended up chasing me out. I moved back when my stepdad left, so i felt sorry for her, but it seems like shes misusing my kindness. Lord help me Lord, i am desperate, there is no peace in my life, i am angry, bitter, sad and im full of hatred and ive got alot of jealousy deep in my heart, and Lord this feelings that i got they are not nice. If it were not for my 2 boys i doubt that i would have been around. And Lord im gratefull for my boys, they are very cute and perfect, you wouldnt tell that theyve got different dads.

Thank you for making them perfect. Lord i feel sorry and very responsible for what happend to my 1st born, as hes dad is no longer in his life, i feel terrible when the other ones dad comes and picks him. My first born takes this man as his father, he also told him to call him dad. Im not sure if hes pretending to like my son. Lord i am praying that he doesnt disappoint my boy cause he loves that man to bits. Lord i pray that i dont stop praying, as you know my faith is very weak and i would love for us to be in a relationship.

I pray for each and everybody in this world, those whose problems are worse than mine, bless them, guide them and keep them safe. I pray this in the name of Jesus our LORD. Amen. I love you Jesus!

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