Prayer for Help With Bills piling Up

by Alyson (Port Huron , Mi)

st. Jude please help us. please, we are so overwhelmed in debt . This hole year has been bad for us financially. after my parents passed and loosing a job, we are counting on our taxes to have already come to get caught up . and it hasn’t . now its being reviewed by the IRS.

i take care of my grandfather and i have taken care of him for many years as he has dementia. his taxes are not coming soon enough. we need it tomorrow by the very latest. our car is up for repossession other types of bills piling up and we cant have any of it taken from us .

please ST. Jude let some divine intervention happen that money is here for us right away . i am so very scared of not knowing what is going to happen. I pray for your help. Please forgive us for our sins i pray for forgiveness of my sins and getting back on our feet. i pray to you . help us.thank you ST. Jude.