Prayer for help with bad loan

by Cat (TN USA)

Please help us. I raise kids alone with very little support. Our home is near foreclosure and we have paid dearly on it, but I made mistake of signing a predatory loan with bad terms as I wanted a place so much for my family to call their own.

Salary tanked with souring of economy, yet I am grateful to still have a job.

Could not afford gifts for the kids this past Christmas due to the debts and lack. Please change that. I wish to have a home that is all ours and the ability to keep our many beloved pets.

I am asking that you help us prevail. Need a new and different car, as with our current vehicle there are many safety issues. Two of the kids need orthodontics in the worst way. Please help us with our many needs, and some of our wants.

Help please…. it feels so futile sometimes. Need faith and belief. Wish to prevail and help others.
Thank you.

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