Prayer for help with abusive relationship

by Elizabeth (N.Y.)

Please help me St. Jude. The person I’m with Mark D. He’s verbally abusive and jealous. He uses me for sex and to watch his kids. I left my son and my son’s dad to be with him.

Please I wanna reunite with my son’s dad I want us to be a family again. I wanna have another baby with my son’s dad.

Please also help my parents are racist they disowned me for 6 years because I was with my son’s dad who was Spanish. Please I wanna marry my son’s dad.

I want out of Mark D.’s life I hope since he is a correction officer and I was an inmate someone will find out and he will lose his job. I’ve been wanting to tell someone but then I have nowhere to go.

My son’s dad don’t want me back. Please help me. I made a lot of mistakes. Please I also want to get a long-term job with a good pay.

Continue to pray for my two Hector’s I love them so much. Please I want a friend whom I can trust and talk to. I’m very lonely since I don’t have my son with me only on weekends.

I don’t like him being around Mark D. Who is mean and his boys.

Thanks so much,