Prayer for Help Us In Our Time of Grieving

by DB (Fl)

Dear Lord God,

Thank you for all the blesseings you have given and continue giving us. We are grateful of what we have. But I know that you can see the troubles that we are going through this last few years.

After losing a family member, we haven’t really moved on yet. Due to lack of financial sources, and incapability to work, now we are in a bad spot and severe financial crisis. Lord God we really need your help, show us the way and bless us with money that we need to pay for our house and bills.

Help me get a job and be with my family for us to live and stay together. Help us save the house that is now in Bankruptcy. Help us get out of this situation and have a better life.

Bless our children who are too young to understand all the problems that our family has. Give them a happy life and I pray that they will not go thru this again. I hope they will not experience hardship in their lifetime. Shower us with love and blessings. Thank you so much for everything and please hear our prayers.
In Jesus Name.

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