Prayer for Help To Unload the Emotional Pains

by Jewel (Philippines)

Dear Lord….As I am going through this battle of pains in my emotion…help me to understand the reasons why i am experiencing this. Guide me as i take the road of pains. Remind me of your unconditional love.

The same with the person who brought pains in my heart. Enlighten his mind that somebody is in pain because of him.
Remind him also of your unconditional love.
I ask this in the name of our Lord..Jesus Christ..

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  1. Praters for emotional healing

    I Pray for you and ask you to please pray for me in return as I am experiencing the same pain from someone who was so dear to me and my heart. May The Heavenly Father hear our prayers and lift our hearts. May he love, guide, and carry us through the pain. Help us to heal, love and trust again. Please help those who hurt us realize the pain they have caused and I pray for their hearts as well. Lord, please bless us with your healing love .

  2. I pray for you, I also feel your pain

    I pray for you Jewel. I also feel your pain. The very person I love has left to fulfill his dreams. I wanted him to reach his dreams. Now, I’m left all alone and hurting. I pray that the Lord will always be with us and help us carry the load. My sincerest wish is also for us who are in pain to one day feel the love and care we hoped to get from our loved ones who left. I pray they will find their way back to us. AMEN

  3. A prayer for you

    I feel the same way for the past days. I pray for both of us that we’ll be at peace and that God gives us strength to endure all the pain that will come our way. May God heal our hearts, make us understand and help us forgive.

    God bless us

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