Prayer for Help to sell properties and family situations


Please help me in my prayers to sell our properties. I’ve prayed many novenas to St. Joseph and continue to do so. I know it is His will and in His time that this will happen. He has never failed me before. We’ve had them up for sale for some time and no legit offers have come forth.

Oh St. Joseph, I thank you for all the blessings you have given me. Please hear my prayers, please answer my prayers. (For my children), their continued health, prosperity, safety, successful jobs and good fortune; may they always be close and surrounded by good loving people. (For my husband), may he find inner peace and patience with all of us and on his daily dealings; (For our marriage) which has been too rocky of late, please give me the strength and courage to endure all that I may face ahead, good or bad, I humbly pray. If I am to be on my own, let me be successful and able to stand on my own to feet.

Please hear and answer my prayer.