Prayer for help to rent out old apartment

by Swetha (Belfast)

Oh most Holy St Jude,

Please help me in this great dilemma. I’m being forced to pay rent for my old apartment until it has been leased out again. I cannot do so as I don’t have the money.

I’m so frustrated and desperate because its not fair that I have to keep paying for the old place, along with paying for my new apartment. I cannot ask my parents for the money dear St Jude, they have many financial struggles and I do not wish to burden them further.

Dear St Jude, you have always been there for my family. You have always heard my prayers and helped me in problems both big and small. Please please hear my prayer this time as well. Intercede to our Almighty Father for me so that he bring visible and speedy help.

Take care of me during these desperate times and give me strength and courage. I am extremely sorry for all my mistakes in the past. Thank you for everything you have done for me and my family.

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