Prayer for Help To Have my Husband Home

My prayer is to have my husband of ten years come back home. Lord I know it’s a long shot as we have been separated for almost 5 months. He seems to have clearly moved on away from us – me, his wife and our three little children. We are such a better family together than broken.

Please heal our broken bond and may we communicate as though a husband and wife should. Please make him see that you, Lord, put us together to be married, have children and be a happy, God loving and living in his ways family. I know my husband and I have gone through tough times that hopefully this is a small hill that we can both climb together and overcome.

Lord, I know you can see our pain and I know you have a plan for us. I just want it to be as a whole family and not a broken one. That you put my husband and me together as your best choice for us. That you please heal the hurt this divorce proceeding is hurting everyone not just us. That you pierce the hard shell that exists around my husband’s heart and that you help me to be a better wife and mother because I need you in all of our lives.

Please guide us through this difficult time and heal the hurt we all have suffered over this horrible time. Because Lord I ache. I have not been so emotionally injured and my kids see this pain every day. Please help them see that things will get better with you.

Lord, I pray that you help my husband find his way back to us. We need you to be our rock in securing this marriage for a lifetime. The kids and I need our family to be whole again and pray that you help us get there soon.

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