Prayer for Help to Get Me Out of This Dilemma

by Elizabeth (New York)

Dear Lord,

I am weary and I am concerned my every waking thought is consumed with how to make ends meet at work. I worry for the staff and their payroll needs and I worry over paying the vendors that serve us to protect our patient population. Each day lord grows more worrisome for me.

The pressure is mounting and I work countless days and nights. My heavy heart of fear and worry won’t ease up in my actual thoughts and are present In my subconscious . The lenders have taken Such advantage of me and while I’m making the payments the Capability to do more stops. In comparison to what we have what I ask is not a lot and reasonable for me to return.

Help me please Ease this burden dear Jesus please show a sincere lender , with particular blessing of generosity whom will be true and fair to me and help me in my need. In Jesus name please.

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