Prayer for help to clear our debts

by Des (Singapore)

Almighty God, gracious and loving heavenly Father, my husband and I are in a very desperate state now. We lost all our hard-earned savings in the stock market. And in our attempt to recoup the losses, we lost even more and now we owe the trading house a lot of money. The stock that we are holding keeps dropping in value and tomorrow is the deadline to sell.

God, we have no one to turn to. We don’t want to borrow from friends or relatives. We want your help and we know only you can help us. Show us the way, teach us what to do, how to handle this, strengthen our faith in you that you will provide for us and help us to clear our debts. We have 2 young children and we don’t want them to suffer with us. God, please come to our assistance …. I pray this, in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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