Prayer for help paying bills

Dear god help me pay my bills bless my finances give me a better job or one that is just for me I thank u for the one I already have but it dnt cover all my bills bless my marriage help us to love and understand each other bless our home and protect it put a hedge around it please make our neighbors who try to start trouble with us leave us alone protect us frm evil and give us a peace that the world or nobody can take frm us thank u for our jobs but lord just give us increase wherever in our life u see fit to thank u for our cars but lately they have been giving us trouble so lord please bless our cars or bless us with better ones and god bless my music help me to get it heard by the people that can help me get it out on the radio bless us everywhere we go and help us be a blessin to others touch my landlord to work with me and stop treating me so wrong thank u god for hearing my prayer cause I knw u wnt let me down I love u god amen.

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