Prayer for Help My Family

I am lost in debt; I am married with three girls. My husband and I are terrible financial planners. We have never went a solid day, month or year not worrying about a bill regarding how we are going to pay it. We live a lie we pretend we are financially secure to our friends and family. This is a lie we cannot live anymore. We both work and make decent wages however; the debt trumps our wages by 95% we are drowning.

Dear God,
I am asking in your sons name Jesus my family need you. I need you and my husband needs you. We are sinners and have made terrible financial decisions which have bound us in this sin of debt. I am asking for forgiveness and help. I need your help! I call your name in a warriors cry. I raise my hands to you asking for your forgiveness and blessing for money to relieve mines and my family debt for 15,000.00 in credit cards and 100,000 in student loans. Dear God Help my family!