Prayer for Help me to heal my heart

Father God, I come to you now in need of healing of a broken heart. I pray for strength and courage to move on & to put my faith towards you, even though I have been mistreated. I also pray for forgiveness so that I have no hard feelings towards the person that has made me feel this way even though I know it may be hard.

Please Father, help me to focus on making myself happy & to be able to make my dreams come true also to make myself successful. So that my loved ones can be proud. I need you Lord to continue to watch over me & to help me understand that no one should have control over my feelings but myself & you have the power to guide me.

Help me Lord to surround myself around people who mean me no harm. & have the the person who hurt me to realize the pain they caused really hurt, I know I’m not perfect but I was good to that person. Help me Lord in Jesus name I pray Amen! Amen! Amen!