Prayer for Help Me Change

by Bob (India)

dear God

i dunno why i am doing this. I am fooling myself. I keep saying God has a plan for me and he will make it happen despite my sinful life. I know i am a sinner. I have defiled my body and lied about it. Been acting all HOLY but inside I am all evil. I have been acting all Good to the people around me. they don’t know the real me.

You see ME. I keep saying to myself and fooling myself continuing to live my life in sin, your Grace is sufficient for me. Help me change God. I want to be a true christian and not live the life of a namesake externally Good christian. I want to do Your Will.

I want to fulfill your plan for me.
Help me change my ways. give me a strong heart and not to yield to temptation and get out of my sinful life. I want you to come into me and make me change….