Prayer for help in time of trouble

by Phyllis (Hyattsville, MD)

Please pray for me. I am currently in nursing school, so I am not employed full-time. I have two part-time jobs and both together do not pay rent, buy food or pay the bills.

I have not been able to pay my bills in order to get a little food. I have been swindled out of almost $300.00 by a car repair place when they didn’t fix what was actually wrong with the car and wanted to charge way much more without a guarantee that the car could or would even be fixed.

I was dating a guy for many years who was a drain to me both spiritually and financially (he has since moved in with hs mom). I started seeing another friend who has lied continuously when I said I need the help- has never come thru with food, a ride or anything.

I have a wonderful sister who wants to help and did her best, but she is a single parent with two kids to feed and house and she is not able to do much as she is in the middle of job stress and needs help also.

I received a late notice for my apartment with 5% fees totaling $740.00, my computer needs cable in order for me to type this to you & it’s about to be cut off along with my phone, gas and electric.

It is in the dead of winter and I am about to be set out of my apartment. I am a college educated woman with no children, so I am not eligible for any type of assistance in the state of Maryland.

I would like to finish school as I only have one year left. Please pray for me because the only option I have is to quit school and go back to work full time.

This was my only opportunity to go back to school. I will be 50 years old in a few weeks and no one thinks I need the help. All I ever wanted was a normal life with a career and family and this has all been denied me.

If God does not decide to help me, I will soon perish.

Thank you for listening.

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  1. help

    Please go to the hospital, get some help, no matter how despert things are in life, death is never the solution. Your sister loves you very much you said. Men dont rely on them. I do am facing losing my home so I know somewhat what u are going throu.

  2. additional information

    I have prayed and longed to hear God’s voice on this matter. He has not answered me. I have never heard His voice in my entire life.

    My sister says she hears Him audibly and this helps her with her life’s decisions. She is the closest thing to an angel here on earth that I know. I am the furthest thing.

    God does not talk to me and I have been a big disappointment to Him. I am unloved and unwanted. I have secured the means to end my life and I just wanted cyberspace to know that I have tried really hard to believe and wait and believe and wait.

    There has been nothing but disappointment after disappointment and failure after failure. I have nothing to live for and when I die, there is nothing to mark my miserable presence on this earth.

    People are now overlooking me. People in church bypass me or do not speak at all. I have not been able to develop a gift or talent that is relevant in the kingdom of God. So it is finished.

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