Prayer for help in time of confusion and hardships

by Shelbie (Danville Il)

Dear Fatherly Lord,

I have got caught up in my sins, and even though I know you have forgave me for my sins am I deserving? No, but your love is uncondtional and your always there whe. I turn to you. I most show you how appreciative I am of your undying love. but do I know how? I shall pray and read thy scripture but is that enough? I shall worship the holy name and put all faith in you God. Please guide me through this. Hardships have made life hard to bar but you put me here for a reason God. And I must live to see what that is. I put my trust in you Father Lord.

in Jesus name, Amen

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  1. Living by grace.

    Father God says unless we live by his grace, we are no better than the Pharisees and Teachers of Law. If you need verses, then look up to Galatians 3. Did you receive the Spirit by observing the law? No, sister. We live by faith in Jesus Christ. We longed for his redemption, as we continue to pursue him. Don’t let go of him because he is worthy of all our heart’s desires. I am learning too. Dear sister Shelbie, we do not live and perform acts in order to do chose to live by God’s grace. He forgives all our sins, and heal all our diseases. May the Lord comfort your soul and heart. Your solution is found only in him. When you love him and fear him with all your heart, you would choose not to sin against him. For he loves you as his own. Father, we are no better, we are just sinners. Yet you hold us dear Lord. Keep us forever in your bosom, not our ways but yours fully, even sometimes our heart don’t desire as much because we don’t understand so help us to step into your ways, open and show us your ways, lead us into your truth forever or we will lie into depth, they cannot praise you, so let us live in your love forever. Accept, receive us in your great mercy we pray.

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