Prayer for Help in the judicial system

by Will (Texas)

Father, Lord Jesus, please help me in the judicial system to receive a just punishment for the criminal laws I have broken. More than this, forgive me for the sins I’ve comitted and help me to live a Christian life and to live more like Your Son when He walked on earth. I told the truth when asked by the officers. It seems that doing so was wrong ! I did not lie !

I listened at the devil’s lie instead of Your warning to avoid the the trouble I’m in and now I’m confused, affraid and do not know what’s going to happen to me ! Please help me, Jesus ! I’m troubled on all sides ! I know You have the answer to all of this ! I try to wait on You but the human in me has doubt ! Help me to overcome the doubt and know that You are ultimately in control ! Thank You, Father !!! Amen !

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