Prayer for Help in Relationships and Giving Thanks

by Sarah (Va)

O holy Saint Jude, I am eternally grateful for your prayers and intercession in my relationship with Micah. You have brought him back to me once and have opened his heart to forgiveness. As his ability to forgive waivers, I ask that you pray that he be granted the Grace to have mercy and to forgive as God does.

I come to you humbly and completely put my trust in you that you will take this dispair from our lives. I am not perfect, but you know my heart and I vow to devote time every day to prayer and thanks to God and to you, Saint Jude, my special patron.

If Micah and I are truly meant to be together and live our lives happily together, please intercede for me and ask God for this special miracle, that he bring our hearts closer together and heal the damages in our relationship that I’ve caused.

Thank you. Amen.

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