Prayer for Help in my relationship

by Cassandra (MA)

Dear Lord and St. Jude,

Help me in my relationship. Help us to get through this tough time. Help him to realize all I mean to him because I know it is something. Help him through whatever he is going through that he may find the direction and come back to me. Help us to find a way back to each other and continue down the path we once spoke of.

Help us Lord and St. Jude. I beg of you both with all my heart and soul to help us get through this. I love this man and want only him, no one else. I promise I will do whatever it takes and with these words you know are true. Help us, I beg of you. I will continue to do your works and say your prayers just please help us. I need your help now more than ever.

If this is the only thing I ever ask of you, help.