Prayer for Help in Life

by Tina ()

St jude,

I truly thought that me and my husbands meeting was blessed by heaven and the angels above and though I still think we were meant to meet as we have a beautiful son in our lives I thought he was my soul mate my life partner until he started to become aggressive abusive emotionally mentally.

I truly never thought this would happen to me as I only wanted a life partner a marriage a family my whole life I thought he was warm genuine authentic I feel fooled he was an addict as well and was mean to me and my family. It was like being with two people.

I know that I wanted a miracle but I think what I need is your will to come forth protect me and surround me with what you think is best now and for my future please assist me by showing me and sending me what I need in my life it has been so hard I am unable to see at times. What I need is a kind and healthy love that is real and will last one of respect and kindness and one that is genuine the way the lord intends.

Whatever you see fit.
And please forgive me of my sins and words of anger I have a lot of hurt built up inside.
And forgive my enemies and my soon to be ex husband so that he may one day be open to gods words and hear the lord and enter into heaven and forgiven of his sins,

P.s please protect my mothers health she is a kind woman and my fathers.


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