Prayer for Help In Interviewing for a Job

by Anna (Costa Mesa)

Thank you for your prayer. I am unemployed and have been struggling with the interviewing process. I would make it up to the final stages, but am not chosen for the position. I’ve been told that others have more experience than I do. I’m uncertain how I can gain that experience if I’m not given the chance. I have excellent recommendations and employment references.

I have excellent performance reviews and have not done anything wrong. I pray employers will understand the economy is very bad, and people like me need a chance. Please pray for my employment at a stable company, and for me to be employed in a position in HR management. I’ve invested a lot of time and education into my career, furthermore, I have over nine years of experience. The only way is for the employer to have mercy on me, and to take a positive chance on me.

Please pray for employers to have a kind heart and employ me. Please sincerely pray for my employment real soon, and for those in the position to hire to kindly give me the chance by leaning on my strengths. My unemployment insurance will end in a few months. I’m very worried about my future. Thank you and bless you in Jesus.

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  1. I will pray for you

    Dear Everyone,

    I know the feeling of working so hard and seeing no good come from my efforts. I too am unemployed after furthering my education and training. I always seem to fall through the few interviews and I feel so devastated when am not called.

    However, my faith grows stronger because it is true and I believe that through the Christ, our Sainted Mother mary, and my guardian Angel Michael, my prayers will be answered and God will direct me and all of us to jobs that are richly rewarding. Jobs which prospers our Spiritual, Mental, and Financial needs.

    I pray that Our Saviour blesses us and our families and strengthen our faith to patiently wait on his Word; Lord I wait patiently for your Word.
    Psalm, 130.

    In Faith,

  2. May God Grant You Favor

    Anna, I pray that God grant you favor on your next interview. I pray that He put the correct words in your mouth to answer any and all questions the interviewers may ask. Words that would make you shine and allow the interviewers to see the best in you. Blessings on you in Jesus name…Amen!

  3. In the same situation as you

    I will pray for you….and I hope you do the same for me…please dear lord help your children where they worked so hard for so many years only to end up unemployed. I will pray for you. Good luck

  4. God is with you

    Amen, God is with you and he will not forsake you. You will get hired at the right company that will suit your needs. I too am in the same position and was inspired with your prayer. Wishing you the best and keep your faith up. God Bless you and your loved ones.

  5. Comment for "Prayer for Help in Interviewing for a Job"

    I will pray for you. Please continue to be strong and have faith in God. If the Lord brought you to it…he will bring you through it. I had been in the same situation for the past 4 months. I have cried so many tears and had many sleepless nights. I realized that God would never bring me this far to
    leave me. I was right! I stepped out on faith, solely depended on the Lord and gave all my problems to him…everything. This morning I got a job offer which was better than anything that I could have imagined. God is setting you up for something great…please continue to trust God, have faith and he will see you through.

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