prayer for Help in desperate need

by Chandni Singh (Flushing)

If someone out there can help me pray for my relationship with him, it would be the greatest gift.

He clearly doesn’t care for me emotionally at all, even tho he says he does. I need the strength and courage to help me build a loving relationship with this man.
I need him to at least stay faithful and open up to me so I can love him and he can love me back.
I ask God for help every night, but perhaps my prayer isn’t strong enough. if someone can please help me pray for our relationship to be loving and blessed it would be so nice and I will forever be grateful.

Thank you amen

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  1. Restore

    Your situation is across the world with many couples. I have experience with these types of emotions. I went directly to God just as you have. I learned that it’s a fact that God defiantly can restore separated hearts, heal wounds, & mend broken hearts. It’s also a fact that God opens doors for us but He also closes them. There many unknown reasons of why God implements particular actions in our lives but it’s always the best result & outcome. God may want you to not love a human more than you love Him. We have to love God more. God may want to use this situation to draw you closer to Him. God may want you to lean, seek, & renew your faith in Him. God may have another person be right for you. There are different reasons. The bottom line is to trust in God with your heart. The plans & His will for us is to much for us to understand. You may be in pain & have sleepiness nights. It may be you aren’t trusting God completely & want answers. I wanted things to return to normal instantly. I wondered how could God allow me to feel pain but I really allowed myself to feel it. God is a comforter. God is not of evil ways. God will not hurt you. We shouldn’t push God to suit our timing. If we’re going to push, push should be (Pray Until Something Happens). God will provide you with the essentials that you need to save your relationship if that’s His will. If your obedient to God, with a clean heart, asking for forgiveness of your sins, repenting daily, & praying for your significant other without bitterness, then God will defiantly lead you. The Holy Spirit that lives in us when we invite God into our lives will guide you through trails & tribulations. Sadness, confusion, anger, self pity, & negative thoughts hinder us from allowing the Holy Spirit to work within us. Your seeking God during your time of need, it’s important that if God gives you the desires of your heart or not, to still always seek Him. God is good to us & He will not forsake us. We have to have true obedience to God. Your prayers are always going to be strong enough. We all have to have patience, faith, trust, & pray with forgiveness towards all. We can’t be bitter, angry, or not forgive anyone. A clean heart takes you to God but a dark heart blocks the communication & hinders the Holy Spirit. God loves you.
    Dear Lord, I ask You to be with this individual during her time of need. I ask You to speak to her about the desires of her heart. I ask You to provide Your wisdom & grace upon her so that she will be comforted by knowing Your will for her situation & life. I ask You to produce patience within her because only You know what is best. I ask You that if you do restore this relationship, please bless them to be happy. I pray that they will always seek You on every issue, pray day & night, pray for others, & know that life needs the compassion of God. In the name of Jesus Christ, if it’s Your will, they’ll see a miracle & be a happy couple over time. In the name of Jesus I pray & say Amen.

  2. Somebody prayed for you.

    Dear Chandni,
    I just wanted you to know that I just asked God to help you.
    God is good. He cares.
    God bless,

  3. Praying for you

    I want you to know that I will be praying for you. Always remember that “Nothing is impossible with God”. Have faith and if it is God’s will for you, then it will happen. Jesus will do what is best for you..

  4. Stay in Faith

    I understand what u are going thru for I have a similar situation I can only put my faith in trust in God that he wants the best for u as for me & what is meant to b in our life will come to past! It’s been over a year & I haven’t lost hope because I still have love & desire for that relationship but better then we were before! I pray that you get your happy ending & we have to remember what we desire at times isn’t what God has planned for us but he knows our desires it will come to pass if it’s in his will! What helps me get thru is knowing he has a better plan then I have for myself & I should trust & seek him to have it his way not mine so trust in him to work such a way in your life that u couldn’t imagine for yourself! Stay in faith & stay strong! God Bless!!

  5. Keep the faith going

    I have prayed for u and i just want you to know that I truly understand what you are going through.

    One word of advice, never ever GIVE UP! continue to give your best and have faith that all things will work out. I have faith that your relathionship is going to work out perfectly fine:)

    Keep the faith going, God Bless u! 🙂

  6. one day at a time

    I feel the same way but you have to the Lord fight your battle continue on praying he will see you have to believe him and watch how he make away he promise he is him god bless you.

  7. God Loves You .

    God loves you no matter what you have done. He loves us and wants us to be happy . There’s a song out that says it all. Go onto goggle and and type in, God will make away. And listen to the. Words.
    God will Bless you.

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