Prayer for Help in a very desperate time

Dear St Jude

In my most desperate time, I beg and please with you to work a miracle in my life. I have nothing else that I can do to try and help myself, and this indeed has now become a hopeless and desperate situation.

The man I was supposed to marry, the man that once loved me so much and made me so happy, wants nothing to do with me anymore. I think I might have pushed him away through fighting and nagging, but Dear St Jude, Lord Jesus, God, Holy Spirit, I don’t believe that is a good enough reason for him to walk out on everything we shared and the plans we had for the future. I love this man, and even though he has done a lot to hurt me recently, I still have hope that we can make things work. Father, Dear St Jude, I beg for your help and mercy in my situation. I beg for you to work a miracle and turn this hopeless and desperate situation around. St Jude as the worker of miracles in desperate times, please answer my prayer. Please speak to my love and please make him realize his fault and that he is making a bad decision by leaving me. Please make him remember the good times and make him see that I am right when I say that we can make things work. Make him see again that I am the one for him, just like he used to see me. Dear Father, Lord Jesus, and Holy Spirit, please reveal yourself to him and I believe he is in a dark place. I pray and hope that you answer my prayers. Thank you God, thank you Jesus, thank you Holy Spirit, and thank you St Jude