prayer for help in a difficult situation i am going through

by ALICE (Dallas, Texas, USA)

Oh Almighty father, i asked you kindness,to hear me in this hour of financial need.send me your blessing in this difficulty financially moment am facing right now.

OH,my loving and caring father. i put all my worries in your hand i have so much fear and worry in my heart about getting a new job lord i move from a different State,i have fill in so many application and did some interviewers none of them called me back with good news. dear lord i kindly asked for your blessing in getting jobs.

And i asked you lord for the safety of my finance that he coming to join me soon, to arrive safe and sound..dear lord i need a roof on my family heads, i have being homeless for six month without place of my on.please pray for me so i can fine an apartment that accept my family n I . I am kindly indeed need a prayer please.. thanks.

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