Prayer for Help for my partner to forgive me

by Hp ()

Dear Father in Heaven,

I have hurt my partner more than I can ever put in words. Help me see the changes I have been making, give me strengt to keep working on me and not give up. Please father, allow us to spend the time together the heal both of us, work on our relationship and become stronger.

We both still love each other. Help him forget the deep pain I have caused, let him take the time to understand I am changing, I am becoming a better person and I will not just make this change for a short amount of time.

Dear heavenly father, don’t let me give up, let me keep strong to keep going. I love you with all my heart lord, I have given myself to you, I have sinned and done wrong. You can relieve me from the pains and bring the relationship back to where we need to be
I love you lord, amen