Prayer for Help for Job and Good Health

by Rita (Trinidad)

Heavenly father, i kindly ask of u to help my husband find a job that would pay him good and he would love it and get encouragement to go to work everyday, father lord i ask you to work a miracle in our lives lord bless us tremendously lord father….

Lord another thing i need alot of prayers o lord i want u to please remove all my mum sickness o lord, work a miracle in her life father god and remove her high blood pressure lord give her every healing that she needs o god…

And for my sister lord i need u to work a miracle in her life lord remove all her unknown sickness god she’s very kind hearted lord father we are all your kids and lord and for me father all i asked of u is to heal me from every pain and sickness that i have lord u are the only 1 we can turn all our problens to i pray that my prayers are answered in jesus name i pray… Amen