Prayer for Help for a very troubled soul


Dear Lord,

Please help me, I have lost my job, my health, my finances are in disarray and am now facing the prospect of having nowhere to live. Lack of financial security and no familial support is compounding all that has occurred.

You are the only support i have. Guide me along the correct path, and please help alleviate some of my stressors, so I am able to help myself and others. Forgive me my sins and help me forgive those around me, grace me in your loving light.

At 62 there are not a lot of options out there, please give me the strength and courage to continue, along with the ability to find peace and safety amidst all this chaos.

You saved me from cancer and I ask you save me again. God, please bless all those who are going through any form of pain or tribulation in these troubled times.


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