Prayer for help during these very difficult times

by Jen (Hawaii)


Please forgive me for my sins, and help me to change the things I can. Please give me the peace from the anxieties that come with these troubled times. Help me to cope with my divorce and please help me get through the terrible sins of my DUIs. I pray that I will get a last chance to prove I am not ever going to drink and drive again. Help me with my sobriety as I know now that alcohol is no longer a place in my life. I pray that I will have another chance with the courts to prove I can be sober and lead a healthy, Christian life. Please look after all those in need as well. Thank you Lord for the things I do have and the friends and family that love me. Help me to strengthen those relationships and prove to them I can be a better Christian. Please guide me to accomplish these things with rehabilitation, prayer, and through your Gospel.
All of these things I pray in your name,

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