Prayer for Help at Work

by Jim. N (USA)

Hello I was wondering if you could help with my situation at work. Basically, what happened was I made legitimate complaints about the poor performance of other workers and my bosses at work. After that occurred, they attempted to retaliate, and discriminate against me, by making complaints that were not legitimate. The people that I complained about were basically, just rewarded for the vessels their souls incarnated into, and not the merit of their work. So I was wondering if you could help in any way that you can, with your prayers to diffuse this situation.

I just want nice quiet days at work, so I can save money, and quit my job eventually. I suppose every party handled the situation poorly, but I did not deserve the treatment I received, especially when my complaints at work were 100% legitimate.

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  1. Prayer Request

    My entire department is dealing with a very difficult boss.
    Its gotten to a point where we’re miserable just coming to work in the mornings. I’ve tried to put up with it but its getting too much, she’s quite the character. Please put my colleagues and I in your prayers and of course our Boss. Here’s hoping for better times. Thank you.

  2. Need prayer

    Hi need prayer I recently started a new job I try my best but it seems as though I’m not doing it right a pray that my bosses come to me and to be professional about it and tell me my downfalls other wise I don’t know where I’m doing wrong I really enjoy working there but I don’t like how they don’t communicate to me about my problem help me to be a better person god you know I’m ready to learn and to forgive all the wrong doing. I believe my problems at home are also part of this issue please help me pray for a better understanding and accept things I can’t chang amen

  3. job and marriage

    I was working in good bank for past 7 years I got two promotions but before 4 months I was suspended for giving money to wrong persons .pls prayer for me because of this my marriage is Aldo in doubt case .I am n age of 30.more over I was cheated by my lover who actedto love me since 2006. pls prayer for me to get the same job and have peaceful life

  4. Help at work

    Just requesting some prayers for a boost at work. God knows what I need and I prayer he guides me and brings his power into my situation.

  5. New job

    i started a new job and afraid I will mess it up somehow I love what I do but I am dyslexic and told no bother there as I feel I may lose my job. I am so worried I will be asked to something and fail. All I want is peace of mind and to be happy in my new pits.

  6. Please help me save my job

    My son was at work and he got a drink and opens it and was gonna pay for it on his break time but the lady saw him where he put his drink on shelf and saw that he had not payed for it so he got suspended till Monday that the boss is there to decide what’s gonna happen , he told her it was a mistake what he did . But please pray that they give him another chance at work . He really needs his job . I am asking for your prayers please we need them .

  7. Please pray

    I really need prayers, I pray My prayers are lifted up to Jesus and He is able to solve this issue. I had an issue at work where my boss thought i was sleeping, I may have been a little, but now im getting written up for it, many people do this all the time so it seems unfair to me. I just really need my job to not report this to anyone else. Just the hospital. I know theres no way they can prove i was sleeping, any advice would help, thank you, and may God hear and respond graciously to all of your prayers.

  8. speaking what I feel

    I’m a certified nurses assistant I work for a company that uses me for a caregiver I work in a home where I can take care , of a residents …that fine .then you have light house keeping. .that would include cleaning of patios and the tables …I speak my mind I said that’s not housekeeping that’s outside this Christian people that goes to church works with your children works within the church I feel that they’re going to get rid of me for me speaking my mind but it is their judgment and my agency keep your job to me the other girls are getting street I’m working through your work no overtime in your there I think it’s unfair

  9. need prayers

    I am going thru the exact same thing. I made a complaint to my managers about a coworker who was stealing and totally going against company policies on all levels. I am not the “bad guy” and no one is talking to me. I just want to be able to do my job I love in a peaceful environment. I do my job the way it is suppose to and follow the rules. This girl is suddenly the poor victim and not one thing has changed except the treatment I am getting. I need a prayer as well. i did the right thing.

  10. Help

    God please help me in this time of crisis in my workplace. An issue was brought to the attention of the manager for clarification on and it was taken personally an all war broke. I was verbally abused which was totally unacceptable and now management are trying to turn it around and say that it a bullying an harassment case against another member of staff. This is crazy stuff an is really unfair. I would greatly appreciate any prayers to help me in this situation as I am physically sick and worried.

  11. need pray for

    i am a nurse who newly working. i feel like everyone was not fair. even a very simple mistake of me will be known of everyone. if other ‘s fault, i will keep quite and try to fix it my self. i’ve try my best to do better. and i try to make the best for my patients and my carrier. i love my job, but someone try to make me down and i knew it. i just want to be kind to everybody. i want to do the best for myself and mmy carrier. but no one understand me. they keep scolded me and everything. i am the one who always doing something in their sight. but god know what i’m doing. i’m the one who just keep quite and do my work. i need pray for my carrier and may god make me patient. bless them who do not want me. bless their heart so that they know god

  12. help

    I work at an office that is small. there are only 2 other employees myself and our boss. The other two girls have basically backed my boss into a corner and said that if 1 quits the other one will too. The other girl has been here for 20+ years and is allowing the other girl (who has been here less than a year) control her. I feel bad for my boss because he lets them do whatever they want because he is afraid of losing the veteran employee. Please help him to do the right thing. Noone should be put in that position.

  13. Pray for harmony

    I work with someone who just stopped talking with me. To the best of my knowledge I didn’t do anything that I believe would upset him since we don’t work on the same thing. If he is talking with another worker or client and I have to make an imput, he acts like noone is there.

    I must admit it is stressful at times but I always maintain my dignity and would never disrespect him in any way.

    I would like you to pray so that there is no animosity in the workplace.

  14. Written warning at work today

    Please God, help me through the anguish , worry and feeling like a “loser” that I am feeling right now. Today at my new job (been there only 1 1/2 months) , I received a written warning for 5 different things. I work at a bank and the main one was security, I kept forgetting to lock my cash drawers when walking away from my station and locking my computer screen. I also feel I have been accused of 2 things in the warning that are unavoidable when new, like getting your proof work in wrong order. This takes learning. I really love my manager and service manager and coworkers and have always given more than 100% to every job I have held. I understood when I took the job that everyone is on a 90 day probabation period, but I have not reached that yet. My managers tell me they like me, and want me to stay, but feel this warning was in order. Please pray that I will have the wisdom, strength and knowledge to understand my job duties and do my best. I have had many jobs in my career, and am almost 60 years old now, I find every job gets harder for me to focus and remember details and policies and procedures. I ask questions often. I am not able to retire yet as my husband is 10 years older and on medicare and cannot provide insurance for me. I also have had some serious health issues and need insurance. I am yet too young to retire , so feel trapped. I have worked at another bank also , and in the health field in the financial end. I am an intelligent woman that feels like I am slowly going downhill with my abilities to do excel at my work. God, please help me, what do I do ?? Thank you Lord Jesus for providing this job for me as it took a long search and long time to get this job, and now I want to keep it and retire here. I feel like a black cloud is over my head as this written warning is the only and last warning one gets , if I mess up once on any of the items mentioned I will be terminated. I am almost in tears now, as I am worried and very anxious. Please help with prayer and God , give me what I need to keep this job and do well at it. thank you.

  15. Pls Pray For Me

    Please include me in your prayers..i am presently in a crisis with my present company assigned me here in the head office last year, I have uprooted my family and broght them with me however we felt like its a wrong decision coz the present environment here in the office is chaotic with the old management and new management always on a rift..i felt like i am in a middle and being pinned by both sides..We want to go back to our home place and i applied for a job there…everything was okay with the negotiation until i receive a call and they told me that they receive a negative info about me from my previous job which is not true at all! I told them to validate that info and call my previous employer to be fair..for a while i feel down and frustrated but my faith in God helps overcome it. I really, really need prayers at this moment. Pls pray for me and my family. Thank you

  16. New and need help

    1st I want to say I have used this site before and my prayers were answered. Thanks to all of you who prayed and I pray for you all. I found a job! A great job with great people I am glad to work with. Now please Lord help me learn what I am doing. I have never worked reatail before. There are so many people, so many things, so much actual money to keep up with. I don’t want to fail at this. I need to learn fast and get this down to a science. I hate feeling like I am a failure. I lnow God provided this to me so I may prosper. And, trust He will give me the tools to do so. Prayers that this new clearer understanding comes in His good grace and timing because I want to be a leader individuals like and want to work for and with. Bless you all for your prayers.

  17. God is our vindicator

    Last year I posted an encouragement comment to someone who was going though difficulties at work and I said i was going through the same situation where by i was about to go for hearing and was told that i was going to be fired. I kept on believing in God and the out come was that I kept my job and was only given a warning. This year my supervisor who has been lying about me and was giving me tough time was suspended after the new manager find out all the malpractices that he has been doing. I have always wanted to revenge on him but the story of David and Saul came into my mind when David had a chance to kill Saul when he was being pursued but he left it all in the hands of God. The bible tells us that the Lord is our vindicator and we should leave everything to Him , we should not carry out acts of revenge.
    The Lord sees your innocence and good deeds and He will always fight your battles. It can not be in our expected time but just so you know He is always fighting for you behind the scene even though we cannot see with our physical eyes. Just a word of encouragement to every one out there who is facing all sorts of difficulties, The Lord has not forgotten about you. Keep on trusting in Him your time is near than you expect. Amen!

  18. supervisors at work are vindictive abusive to workers

    I have been working at a home I have gone beyound my call of duty at work and yet these supervisors at work are so unfair and seem to fire good workers just because they don’t like them they just favor some others workers that are often late calling in and never seem to get in trouble, someone like me for no reason are just mean I have seen good workers been fired unfairly at one point they tried to fire me but didn’t have any evidence and I had my union rep with me I love my job at the Veterans Home love working with people but these supervisors are making it realy hard to work there I have become close with some of the members that what the resendents are called there I really hate to leave my job I often think why GOD allows these insenstive people to be leaders or supervisors there some of the elderly are not even treated good and if I treat them good I am told not to because they well get spoil or that I take too long caring for them Please Help mee pray for better leadership cause these are old people that just want a little more attention and love as well as good care which they deserve these are some of our heros military soldiers

  19. PRAYER for Help at Work

    I am blessed to be “one of the bosses” described as in control of others destiny. I read your prayers and know that I need to pray that I never consider myself to be God. God is God – I am nothing in comparison to Him. Those who wrote and encouraged you to not let your worries overshadow your hope were and are right to do so. Not I, or anyone that reports to me can determine your ultimate destiny – only He knows the purposes He is working out in each of our lives. I pray for wisdom and hope that each of you does the same. I pray for Love and most of all I pray that God hears our collective prayers and protects us as one body of Christ… Amen.

  20. Proper Spelling

    Dear Sister or Brother,

    Under normal circumstances, I would NEVER write anything like this.

    However, when I arrived at this site, I was shocked to see the message you left. The previous person had left such a a heartfelt message for someone needing prayers.

    Instead of leaving a similar message of hope, love and peace, you decided to leave a message of strife–pointing out what you perceived to be someone’s ‘grammatical error.’

    Remember that when you point a finger at someone, you are pointing three back at yourself. In your decision to ‘correct’ this person–you, yourself, erred and misspelled ‘grammar.’

    Are there not enough sites on the internet that are filled with disharmony? Can we please keep this one site filled with the Fruit of the Spirit? None of us is perfect; that’s why we need the Holy Spirit. Thank you.

  21. Dont Give up, Keep the faith

    Keep on trusting God and do not get discouraged with the situation because God is bigger than the situation and He said that if He is for us nobody and nothing can be against us and He said in Deuteronomy 28v8 that he will scatter your enemies into seven directions. I am in the same situation am currently suspended from work and am waiting to go for hearing which i have been told that i might be dismissed but Am trusting God’s character as I believe that God works differently from man. What Seems like a storm today, tomorrow might be a promotion. If God wants you to be in that Job he wil definitely leave you there but if he has different and better job for you he will also provide a way for you to get another that Job. God always have good plans for his children. And he said that His mercy is so abundant to do more than we could ever think….For the battle belongs to the Lord…Amen

  22. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life

    Dear Tara:

    I want to encourage you to go to the Lord with your request to obtain a job. Pray without ceasing. In the meantime, could this be a ‘blessing in disguise’ for you? Could there be a better job opportunity for you out there?

    Jesus said, “I am the Way,and the Truth and the Life (John 14:6).

    Ask God to show you His Way and his Truth for Your Life.

    You are on my prayer list and I will pray that God’s will shall prevail in your life. Whether that means you get your old job back or you get an even better job with better pay remains to be seen. God will bless you regardless.

    Please don’t allow fear and doubt to paralyze you.

    Pray with confidence and God will lead you to His Will.

  23. I need a Prayer

    I can totally agree with your scenario I am actually going thru the exact samething but I also did what I could avoided the negative and focused on positive. My situation is that my boss is taking it far they suspended me today and dont know when i can return because they couldn’t find anything worng in present they went in past when there was another manager. I need a prayer please I have children and I am the only income after my husband lost his job also because of the job market. I really need my job please pray for me

  24. Go to God for Help

    I just read your comments and understand your predicament.

    I’d like to encourage you from now on to go to God when you feel the need to vent your frustrations and for the answers that you seek. He will listen to you and guide you.

    In the meantime, make an effort to work on yourself and don’t focus on what you consider to be others’ flaws. We all have our shortcomings and God is still tolerant and patient with us nevertheless. In due time, things should settle down at work. Pray for peace and harmony with your boss and coworkers. See if you can view this as a positive experience that is teaching you patience and tolerance.

    Good luck and God bless.

  25. St. Joseph

    Let’s ask for St. Joseph’s intercession. Not only is he Jesus’ earthly foster father, but the patron of the worker. He’ll intercede before the great Father for you. God bless you.

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