Prayer for Help and Thanksgiving

St. Jude,

I am so sorry for not writing more and praising the Lord’s name. I have no excuses. I am so thankful for your miraculous and amazingly transforming intercession in my life. I used to be so deperate for help and I felt so alone.

I turned to stupid solutions like self bets and even witchcraft. Its all a fallacy without the Lord’s guidance. St. Jude led me to this source of eternal hope. As nervous as I get, I put it in the Lord’s hands and fully trust in his guidence and love.

The Lord is so full of love and mercy. I feel like my life is so much richer and I’m drawn to be a better person who serves the Lord and others. Thank you oh Lord for baby Quinn and the love and joy that he brings into our lives.

Thank you Lord for my husband’s job, the opportunity, experience, and self esteem boost that he receives. Thanks for the safe move and all of the nice things that we received from it. Lord, thank you for the offset, tax refund, food stamps, child support, and medicaid. Our lives are so blessed by the better finances and we’s be lost without the Lord. Thank you for the ability to pay bills, have a car, and buy groceries.

Thank for the new start, my husband’s sobriety, my family, the ability to be a stay at home mom, and my better self esteem. Lord, thank you for all these blessings I am surrounded with. i still have so many worries about money, but I trust in the Lord to let me go in the direction I need to go. St. Jude has opened up my heart to this sunshine and light. I feel like I can peservere, but I could do nothing without the Lord.

Lord, please let us be fruitful, both financially and physically. Please let Chris lose in his effort to modify child support. Lord, please let us receive full child support, food stamps, and medicaid.

Lord, please let us be properous and let the rent check cash. I love our safety. Lord, please let us be able to pay our bills timely, have a working car, and buy groceries. Please let us be able to meet ll of our obligations, let me be a stay at home mom, and let us be financially successful and safe. In your holy name.

Praise the Lord!