Prayer for help and mediation in healing our relationship

by Randy (Cleveland, Ohio, United States)

Dear Lord, I come before You and Your grace and might, requesting that You help my soul mate and I mend our broken relationship. You joined us in love over four and a half years ago, and even took us to the brink of marriage, but over the years we’ve hurt each other.

I am apart from her now but ask You to help us heal the love You brought into our lives. She is my soul mate, and I am hers, and though we hurt each other, I am in pain and alone without her. She suffers the same. Please help us towards the road of healing,

forgiveness, and building a stronger, more loving life with each other, free from lies and paranoia as it used to be and as You intended. I still love her. I know she still loves me. Please hear my prayer, oh Lord.