Prayer for Help and Guidance

by Joseph (Ohio)

Please lord I thank u for all my blessings, I come to you in this time of need to help my family . A financial burden has plagued my family and myself, I ask you lord to perform a miraculous act to relieve this burden , I do not know where to turn , or who to turn to but you. I need help father , my family needs help and this hopeless feeling is overwhelming . I again thank u for what I do have and ask you guide me to happiness and relief of this burden , my faith remains with you , you are my savior and my love for you is deeper than I can explain I want to help others but I can’t even help myself right now , I need a miracle father, I have been laid off work and the I am in extreme debt, my family is also in jeopardy of losing our house we have nothing buy you father please hear my cry .

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