Prayer for Help and Good Health

Dear god, I want to thank you for everything that you have given me, for my daughter, my roof over my head, my family, my waking up this morning. But the past 3 years have been so trying and I don’t know if I am strong enough to go on with out your help and guidance. After losing my son at birth, I then marry the man I believed I was meant to be with.

I soon then got cancer, my husband left me for a younger woman, my daughter was diagnosed as hyperactive, I have not even enough money for food at times, my husband took my only means of a car to get my daughter and myself around. My aunt and uncle were also both diagnosed with cancer. It feels like too much, but I know I can do it with your help.

I am asking today to help with my marriage, that my husband and I can see the love we once had for each other and we can raise our family as a family. Please give me patience and please let my husband see his wrongs and feel that love for me again.

Please god also help my disability to be approved. I haven’t been able to work and I can barely feed my daughter, s car and stable income would help us get to doctors appts as well as get my daughter to and from school and the sitters. And a stable income would also bring us a stable living environment.

Please help me fight this cancer and it never returns. Please watch over my daughter, she’s been through so much these past years. Please give us strength.

Please help my family lord. In Jesus name.

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