Prayer for help againsts depression and loneliness

Oh Saint Jude, Holy worker of miracles and dear friend to Jesus Christ, please hear my prayer. I am a wretch and a lowly sinner.

I am undeserving of favors or blessings from heaven. However, the pain and suffering of my heart compels me to reach out for guidance and comfort from above. I am afflicted with depression and loneliness.

I know that the Lord’s grace should be sufficient to sustain me, and it has been through some of my darkest hours, but good gracious merciful Saint, my suffering thought it does ebb and sometimes flee in the face of our wonderful Lord. It comes back to torture me. Please help me to be released from my negative thinking.

My soul is in need of healing and the strength that only comes from our Father’s love. I feel that I am doomed to live the rest of my life alone without a human partner. And maybe that is a just punishment for my past sins. But, I suffer so and crave an end to such suffering.

Please being me peace, and companionship. I will glorify you, our Lord and Savior Jesus, and our heavenly Father all the days of my life. Please bring my loneliness to a swift and sweet end. Thank you. May the Lords will be done. Amen

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  1. i missed my datter 3 years ago and my husband the same year

    I am so lonely and depress i try every thing noting seems to be working.i need some serious praeys i cannot go on like this i am very lonely and sad i need a companion life is not soppose to be like that.i try my best to do the right thing in life but through no avail i allways get trown down to the ground so please help me praey and be strong blessed st jude send a good companion for me i had so much bad luck i did not want to take no chance so i come to you blessed st jude.for you to help me find a hournest and kind truste worthey companion thank you blessed st jude in advance,fran

  2. Friend

    You are not a wretch I pray for you this
    Morning Jesus I know hears you
    Sometimes it is difficult
    Please go to church each week
    Listen to see how God is calling you
    To do

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