Prayer for help after bankruptcy

by Mason (Pa)

Where do I begin . I guess I will never learn . Bankrupt 4 years ago . Was doing good until I made a mistake and borrowed money for a newer vehicle . You know I have helped so many people with their cars. My family and friends need my help and I have been there .

I will continue to do what my health will allow . In 59 years this is the 2nd car loan I have ever had . with my condition I can’t work on the kind of clunkers I have owned and thought it would be nice to own a decent 7 year old car. I knew I could not afford it but I guess evil talked me into it . Anyhow I will sell it if it is your will . I can’t pay our bills for the first time in several years . I have sold and sacrificed my belongings for years while raising our 5 kids and will sacrifice even more.

They are all grown now and I still like to help them when they are in need . So please I ask you Dear God just give me the way to earn some money or lead me in a way to sell the things I don’t really need . In Jesus name . Amen

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