Prayer for help

by michelle (colo)

Please pray my ifs are returned to desk,please and for nice twovery stay or esperian online or life lock,also for safety when I have to return AMD livein egged place,please pray fore I wasn’t leaving friends i wanted some peace AMD quiet AMD time to decompress but creep has keep me hypervigilent now my ids are stolen,please pray that myself AMD property are safe and freedom to live,wisdom,graces,AMD no one hurts harms me AMD my IDs are returned to me urgent AMD babes m well too AMD safe wants to talk to me see me,also police find IDs,Barbra m joyful,me joyful not my ids stolen ,also person or persist robbing me of all my needed rest and healing if they were treated that waywouldn’t do this to me.please pray for finances I need by scholarship or funding.g or wealthy person giving check as gift. Or very good job in other state . Please pray fir Wolfgang AMD George AMD for people who livee and let me live those speeding my friendship.but friends don’t take peoples IDs,or egg their Windows or pound on their door. Please pray for me furnace of my IDs returned and Barbra m feeling good and herb to Sid me understanding place I living was dangerous. Let eveny New days gone that I’m missed amends graves and

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