Prayer for hedge thorns around Haridoss

by Jancy (Chennai)

Please pray for Haridoss my husband to not leave me and go with another lady. Oh lord please surround him with the hedge of thorns and safe gaurd him in your mercy.let him not betray Jancy who he promised to Mary and take care of Akash and Ashima.

Father please make him realise that Jancy, Akash and Ashima completely depend on him an we have no one else. Almighty father I surrender Haridoss in you and plead you to safe gaurd him and make him stay with Jancy. Make him.understand that I need him and am helpless.

Please save Haridoss from the crucial situation and free him from this problem of getting married to another lady…. Let that girl find her own way and never come back to Haridoss… Let that girl begone far from Haridoss can find. Let Haridoss live with Jancy for ever

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